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Business Consulting

Our professional business expertise team is leading the way in digital marketing. In a changing world, we will focus on clientele’s major “headaches and problems” rather than their needs. We will provide our clientele more instead of cheapening the offer. We not only just concern on customer satisfaction, but also build retention and loyalty to help your business grow into a successful enterprise.

Operational Deal Services (ODS)

To close successful deals is not easy in the challenge market to achieve the sales performance and fighting for survival. We will provide total and landing solutions to SME to deal with ecommerce operation,risks and threats. The services covering: E-Marketing/Social Media, Web Design/E-shop, e-Fulfillment, e-logistic, Cross-Border, Payment Solution HKG/China/Global and ****** (5th sections) with KPI analysis.

In-House Training & Human Resource

Our range of eCommerce courses covers every aspect of online retailing strategy and practice. You might also benefit from our analytics sessions or from additional training in usability.We’ve worked with a number of household names in retail to deliver in-house training. We also provides practical eCommerce operation course to Institutes, business chambers, charity organizations as well. 

  • Short term – eCommerce Manager dispatch employment service is available upon requested
  • Short term – eCommerce Manager outsource service is available upon requested

We also provides short term eCommerce Manager dispatch employment service for our clientele as well.
If you’d like to explore what we could do for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Startup Advisory & Mentorship Service

The entrepreneurial path can be a special blend of scary and exciting. It can often be fraught with barriers, pitfalls, and challenges. We offer entrepreneur and startup coaching and mentoring services. All of our mentors bring valuable experience to guide start-ups from key industry sectors that help our clientele make industry and business connections.

We hosts different events, hands on workshop for Early stage entrepreneurs and Later stage entrepreneurs. Our activities: Startup Boot Camp, Growing Your Business, Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, Expert Speaker Series

Fundraising & Business Matching Service
  1. Making valuable connections takes up valuable time. Odds are we know someone who can help you. Our experience matchmaking experts in all business categories tailor made the fundraising and business matching service to our clientele that best suit their commercial needs. WE have a large number of professional service and trade support providers network backup to carry on this program.
  2. Making valuable connections takes up valuable time. Odds are our experience matchmaking experts know someone that best suit your commercial needs. Fundraising & Business Matching Service is fully supported by a large number of professional service and trade support providers’ platform.
Logistics & Customs Clearance

Our international trade/Cross Border eCommerce experts have the in-depth customs clearance knowledge and experience needed to provide you with valuable insight, advice and assistance regarding the intricacies of major importing countries/regions import procedures and product-specific US,UK, China, ASEAN, Japan and Hong Kong government regulations.

We aim to assure you to stop worrying about importing and focus on selling. We provide economic, legally immediate access major markets total solutions in helping traders of all experience levels. Our professional know how and collaboration international technical partners and logistic hub will make imports simple.

IP Application and Enforcement

In the digital marketing era have unquestionably benefited from the internet, where products, services and marketing communications can reach vast audiences at borderless – but this has also increased the chances of intellectual property theft.

Being proactive with your IP strategy before you engage with the Chinese market is strongly advised as taking legal action is time consuming and costly.
Our Intellectual property expert and Enforcement teams will help your business growth and succeed in specific in China market.